Connecting Materials, Building Futures

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for our forthcoming Adhesive, Bonding, and Sealants Conference, which will be held from 10th September, 2024 to 12th September, 2024 at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 & 2 & Trade Centre Arena, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE. As we navigate the changing landscape of materials science and engineering, this conference aims to bring together leading experts, researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals to discuss the most recent advancements, challenges, and innovations in adhesive technology, bonding techniques, and sealant application.

Through engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities, we strive to explore the latest advancements, challenges, and best practices in adhesive formulation, bonding techniques, and sealant applications across diverse industries. Our mission is to drive sustainable development, promote excellence in research and development, and catalyse transformative solutions that shape the future of adhesive, bonding and sealants technologies.

The conference will encompass a broad spectrum of topics within the field of adhesive, bonding, and sealants, including but not limited to:

  • Adhesive and Sealants for construction, automotive, electronics and other sectors
  • Emerging trends in bio-based adhesives and green bonding technologies
  • Sustainable Adhesives and Green Bonding Technologies
  • Product development and manufacturing in Adhesives, Bonding, Sealants
  • Nanotechnology in adhesives
  • Startups and Innovators in the Adhesive Industry
  • Biomedical Applications of Adhesives and Sealants

Call For Papers:

We invite researchers, academics, engineers, industry practitioners, and professionals to submit original research papers, case studies, and review articles related to the conference themes mentioned above. Submitted papers should contribute to advancing knowledge, fostering discussion, and addressing challenges in the field of adhesive, bonding, and sealants.

Submission Criteria:

The criteria for selection of papers will include:

  • Contribution to industry knowledge base - is this truly a significant advance?
  • Timely and relevant topic - does the presentation address current or developing concerns among adhesive, bonding and sealants industry professionals?
  • Value - will the paper highlight real progress with long-term benefits?
  • Objective – does the proposed speech offer a balanced and non-commercial perspective?
  • Originality

*The deadline to submit your abstract is 15th June 2024.