ASC announces winners of the 2020 Innovation Awards

ASC announces winners of the 2020 Innovation Awards


The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) held its 4th annual Innovation Awards at the ASC 2020 Fall Virtual Convention November 4-6, 2020. The Innovation awards recognises the top three innovations from the adhesive and sealant industry. Independent judges reviewed the following categories and weightings as part of their review process: Science and Innovation (30%); Applicability & Impact (10%); Impact of the Technology Relative to the State of the Art (30%); Qualifications, Experience and Capabilities (20%); Significant Milestone (10%).

ASC judges reviewed submittal packages and the following were declared winners of the 2020 awards:

The primary award was presented to Brian K. Rearick, Ph.D. Research Manager – Global Application Research Lab at PPG. The Development from PPG was entitled “High Strength, Highly Ductile Structural Adhesive PR 2930,” which is a solution for a structural adhesive technology with an unprecedented combination of strength and elongation in response to U.S. Army requests for disruptive adhesives capable of meeting armor technology needs.

The 1st Runner Up went to H.B. Fuller with a development called “HBF -Ködispace 4SG, The superior warm edge spacer system reactive thermoplastic spacer (TPS) for use in insulating glass.”

The 2nd runner up went to Wacker for a development titled “GENIOSIL XB 502 Silane-Modified Polymers for High-Performance Adhesives for use with strong bonding adhesives.”

“We were pleased with the quality of the 30+ submittals for the 4th annual programme in which we recognised unique developments for our industry,” indicated Steve Duren, ASC Managing Director, and lead for developing the Innovation Awards. “We will improve and sharpen our programme for 2021. Thank you to all that submitted in 2020 and the ASC Membership Committee for developing the programme. Congratulations to H.B. Fuller and Wacker as runners up and PPG as our 1st place winner for the 2020 best innovations.”