Berry Global makes a significant investment in India’s healthcare

Berry Global makes a significant investment in India’s healthcare


Berry Global Group is again demonstrating its worldwide leadership in the design, development, and production of patient-centered healthcare solutions with the announcement of plans to establish a second manufacturing facility and global healthcare centre of excellence in Bangalore, India.

Berry Global is a Fortune 500 global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, it has over 290 facilities across the globe and more than 48,000 employees.

Planned for development near Berry’s existing Bangalore operation, the new facility will enable the company to extend its R&D expertise and scale up production in several key healthcare sectors: ophthalmic, nasal pumps, inhalation, and injectable administrations. The increased capacity will also enhance supply in India and throughout South Asia, addressing some of the fastest growing healthcare market geographies.

“Investing in our global healthcare business in Bangalore is a significant step in supporting our pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and medical device customers aligned to forecasted market needs,” remarked Tom Salmon, Berry Global’s Chairman and CEO. “During the pandemic, we’ve learned that strategically placed facilities across the world provide efficient localised support for customers of any size. We believe this investment significantly benefits the India and South Asia patient populations.”

The Berry Healthcare site addition in Bangalore offers a vast wealth of technical experience and a regular pipeline of future talent through its network of universities.