Bostik launches KIZEN™ for consumer goods packaging in MEA region

Bostik launches KIZEN™ for consumer goods packaging in MEA region


Bostik has announced the launch of KIZEN™ for consumer goods packaging in the MEA region. A leading global adhesive manufacturer in applications such as cardboard manufacturing and converting, flexible lamination and labels, Bostik is a recognised expert in food and consumer goods packaging.

With KIZEN™, it’s next generation hot melt adhesive range for cardboard box and case sealing, Bostik offers comfort to consumer goods manufacturers, and confirms their ambition to set new standards in packaging adhesives, said the company.

“A look at the existing hot melt adhesive landscape from the industrial user’s perspective was the actual trigger for the KIZEN™ R&D programme,” said Pascal Peroni, Global Market Director – Consumer Goods & Paper, Advanced Packaging. “Customers made it clear and simple: they need a glue that closes boxes in a faster, cleaner way, that allows full line automation, and that is compatible with their current equipment.”

Bostik researchers benefitted from established synergies with Arkema. They have leveraged the group’s unique expertise in polymers to develop the next generation of hot melt adhesives for cardboard packaging. KIZEN™ is a water-white hot melt adhesive, in the form of round and flat pellets. Fed into the packaging line’s melting equipment either manually or with a vacuum system, thanks to its free flowing properties, the adhesive will generate clean adhesive beads and dots for reliable box closing, while allowing reduction in adhesive consumption, according to the statement.

Using KIZEN™, equipment stays clean and running, avoiding the carbonization effect which can result in fumes and bad odours, costly nozzle clogging, and ultimately packaging line stops. The adhesive can be used on all equipment and does not require specific investment or heavy conversion, said Bostik. KIZEN™ is a full product range addressing all the specific constraints of consumer goods packaging: from deep-freeze environments to hot climates, very high-speed processes, the bonding of cardboard materials that are very difficult to adhere to, as well as low adhesive-melting temperatures for energy saving. There is a KIZEN™ for each industrial need.

Want to achieve sustainable savings?

Use the smart hot melt adhesive consumption calculator from Bostik to get a first saving estimation in your cardboard bonding application: